POETRY:  FreezeRay accepts previously unpublished work during our open submission periods.  If we do accept a poem that's up at one of your personal social media sites, we ask you to take it down from that site before publication.  We will accept 1-5 poems, submitted in one .doc or .pdf file. Please do not put your name on the submission or in the title itself, as we will be reading these blind.    

SUBJECT MATTER is simply anything to do with pop culture.   TV, movies, comic books, video games, music...we're keeping this pretty broad because we geek out on everything and we keep it nerd real like that.

Simultaneous submissions are encouraged; we just ask that if you need to withdraw a poem or poems because of acceptance elsewhere, send a notice to freezeraypoetry@gmail.com.   

TURNAROUND:  We are all about promptness and politeness at Casa del FreezeRay, but if you don't hear from us, please send an inquiry to freezeraypoetry@gmail.com and we'll see what's what.

WE DO WANNA GET TO KNOW YOU:  ...so feel free to put a short bio in your cover letter.  And by short, we mean a paragraph.  Short is sweet.   If you want to be discovered on the webs, add your social media tags.


1.  We cannot pay you at this time, except with love and respect.

2.  FreezeRay retains First Time Internet rights for all published works. All other rights revert to the author.

3.  If a piece of yours is reprinted elsewhere, please give proper credit to FreezeRay for being the visionaries to first publish it.  No, really.

This is for authors who have been contacted for acceptance in the latest issue of our journal.  Congrats on your acceptance. Please use this page to submit audio files 
of your accepted pieces for use in our website.
FreezeRay Poetry